Short interval management rituals in manufacturing: From paper to digital

Today, STMicroelectronics would like to digitise these visual tools for several reasons.

“First, we would like to have this information updated automatically. For the people who host meetings, preparing physical displays takes a lot of time, sometimes more than the meeting itself. Secondly, we would like to make these displays more visible: When 10 people come to the meeting, some people cannot hear very well or see the displays. We would like to eliminate these barriers using these much more visual widgets and screens in the workshop. Thirdly we have a fairly young team, who are well versed in the use of digital tools. We want to use visual aids which correspond to their understanding and which will increase their involvement.”.

Short interval control adoption for digital mines - Wipro

Philippe Cachin also tells us that after five years of using these manual methods, it is time to upgrade them so that they remain efficient. And visual management screens give our factories a modern look, a sort of futuristic factory, a very important consideration for our customers. Within the manufacturing, digital is becoming less and less an option. Read more Underground Fleet Management System


Visual management screens really take on their full potential in a continuous improvement approach to modernising the manufacturing industry. Using visual tools to manage teams is a foundation of this approach and should not be ignored. Do you want to digitise your visual management screens or create new ones? Our teams are available to help you.

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